“Pardon Me” Workshops

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“Pardon Me” workshops are held monthly to give persons with criminal records the tools and information on how to navigate the expungement and pardon processes. This workshop is free and open to the public, and strongly encouraged for persons with criminal records, their loved ones, or anyone with an interest in better serving our target population.

The FCCP hosts the workshops every second Monday of the month at the Carnegie Library Downtown and Business Branch (612 Smithfield St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222) in the large conference room on the first floor. The workshops start promptly at 1:00 PM.

Upcoming “Pardon Me” Workshops:
Monday November 13th (1:00 PM)
Monday December 11th (1:00 PM)
Monday January 8th (1:00 PM)

Workshop Location:
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Downtown & Business Branch
612 Smithfield St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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Expungement/Pardon Guidance

Currently in the state of Pennsylvania and many others across the nation, expungements or a Governor’s pardon are the only ways to clear a person’s criminal record. The Formerly Convicted Citizens Project (FCCP) offers help in navigating these processes from start to finish.

Expungements can take up to eight months and pardon attempts three years. Nevertheless, the FCCP is there for persons every step of the process—from filing criminal records requests to attending pardon hearings at the state capital—should they choose to seek help from the organization.

Referrals for Other Services

Having a criminal records is often associated with many other life hardships—housing, gainful employment, healthcare, etc. Although the FCCP does not provide help on all of these issues, it is an active member of a larger network of social service providers.

The FCCP is an active member of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Re-entry Coalition (SPARC). SPARC is a coalition of workforce development and human services organizations seeking to collectively address the needs of the ex-offender population. Work the Coalition has done includes sponsoring a series of workshops, producing a directory of services, and strengthening the coalition through supporting each member organization’s efforts. The SPARC directory contains information on agencies that provide services in the areas of Employment & Training, Health and Wellness, Families, Food Shelter and Clothing and System Coordination for the purpose of producing a directory of services that will be distributed broadly throughout Southwestern PA.