FCCP Concludes Work with Change the World Social Venture Consulting

With appreciation and excitement, the FCCP concluded its work with a group of phenomenal students at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business. The student consultants from Change the World Nonprofit Consulting, which is attached the University’s Center for Social Venture Consulting, submitted deliverables to the FCCP earlier this month. The end product which the students presented at a conference on campus, outlined ways for the FCCP to capitalize on its current capabilities and new opportunities to create a consistent revenue stream to cover its costs.

The final deliverable included a valuation of services provided by the FCCP (e.g. speaking engagement, workshops, expungement, travel). In addition to this valuation the team provided recommendations for the FCCP moving forward inglucding:

-Diversify service options (pre-release involvement, differentiation, employment placement, workforce development)
-Increase speaking platforms (e.g. webinars and articles)
-Mentoring program (people who have received helped from FCCP come back to help with workshops, walk others through program)
-Implement sponsorship opportunities for workshops (identify potential sponsors for expungement workshops)
-Establish more corporate partnerships
-Increase publicity of FCCP’s success stories

The owes a debt of gratitude to the student consultants, Hongqi Ding, Michael Du, Hargun Kalsi, Andrew Tran, and Yanfei Xia, for their diligence and outstanding work. We would also like to send our appreciation to the Program Manager, Pammi Bhular, who patience and guidance helped us to design and submit this project. The FCCP truly appreciates organizations like Change the World and justice minded institutions like the Center for Social Value Creation for helping small non-profits trying to make a big difference. We thank you.

FCCP Set to Work with Change the World/University of Maryland Smith School of Business

The FCCP began work today with the a group of students from Change the World at the University of Maryland’s Center for Social Value Creation under the Smith School of Business. The group of students, both undergraduate and graduate, will help the FCCP identify opportunities and capitalize FCCP current capabilities to create a consistent revenue stream to cover its costs.The FCCP and student consultant intend the final deliverable to be an accumulation of research, valuation, services/partnership, and financial analysis.

As stated on its website, Change the World Nonprofit Consulting Program matches talented undergraduate and graduate students with semester-long business consulting projects for nonprofit organizations in need of consulting assistance with strategic projects. Consulting projects are typically in one of the functional areas: Marketing, Strategic Planning, Information Systems, Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, and Organizational Development.

The FCCP would like to thank Change the World for selecting our organization to work with.

Director Speaks at Washington County Re-entry Conference

On Monday, May 12, FCCP Director Dean Williams participated in the first ever Washington County Re-entry Conference hosted by Washington County Commissioner Diana Irvey Vaughn, President Judge Katherine B. Emery, and the Work Certified Academy.

The re-entry conference covered topics including employment and training opportunities; driver’s license and suspension restoration; transportation, housing, and legal services; and community resources and employers such as the Washington City Mission. At the conference, Director Williams hosted an expungement workshop where he fielded questions and walked participants through the expungement process in Pennsylvania.

The conference garnered participation throughout Washington County, and helped to shed light on the many resources necessary for re-entry into society after being strapped with a criminal record. This was the first conference and on day one-stop-shop of hopefully more to come.

For more information about the Washington Re-entry Conference please contact the office of Washington County Commissioner Diana Irvey Vaughn, President Judge Katherine Emery, or the Work Certified Academy.

Womens’ Workshop a Hit

On Monday, May 12 the FCCP held it’s first expungment and re-entry workshop for women with criminal records. The workshop was facilitated by Kathleen Belskey, FCCP affiliate and board member of Treasure House Fashions, a used clothing store which uses it proceeds and programs to help women in crisis or transition. The workshop was organized with the help of SPARC partner organizations.

With nearly 40 women coming out to the Downtown Carnegie Library seeking expungment guidance and helpful referrals, it is clear that there is a need in the Pittsburgh community for this segment of the re-entry population. As noted in a recent Think Progress article, women face a particularly difficult time re-entering the workforce with a criminal record. In addition, these women are often the sole breadwinners in their families. A study on Houston, TC conducted by the Washington DC-based Urban Institute found that on average 34-36 percent of women found jobs in the long months after their release, compared to 48-60 percent of their male counter parts. Closer to home, the Community Legal Services of Philadelphia compiled the 2013 demographics of those seeking their services to find that the majority of the 406 young people ages 17-30 who received services from the agency were young women of color.

With the success of this workshop, the FCCP plans to host future workshops catered to women in the our re-entry community.