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Happy New Year!

The FCCP would like to wish the world and greater social justice community a very Happy New Year! Welcome, 2016! We look forward to what y... more »

FCCP Concludes Work with Change the World Social Venture Consulting

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FCCP Set to Work with Change the World/University of Maryland Smith School of Business

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The Formerly Convicted Citizens Project (FCCP) is a 501(c)3 non-proft, non-partisan organization that works to mitigate the barriers and encourage the full participation in society of citizens with criminal records. The FCCP is premised on the belief that once a person has successfully paid their debt to society, they should be afforded the opportunities to once again become responsible and fully engaged in civic life. Paramount to these opportunities is employment.

With this in mind, the central component of the FCCP’s work is to provide the resources necessary for persons with criminal records to navigate the complex expungment and pardon processes to which they are legally eligible pursue.

Pardon Me Workshops

"Pardon Me" workshops are held monthly to give persons with criminal records to the tools and information on how to navigate the expungement and/or pardon processes. This workshop is free and open to the public, and strongly encouraged for persons with criminal records or their loved ones.    More »

Expungement/Pardon Guidance

Currently in the state of Pennsylvania and many others across the nation, expungements or a Governor's pardon are the only ways to clear a person's criminal record. The Formerly Convicted Citizens Project (FCCP) offers help in navigating these processes from start to finish.   More »

Referrals For Other Services

Having a criminal records is often associated with many other life hardships—housing, gainful employment, healthcare, etc. Although the FCCP does not provide help on all of these issues, it is an active member of a larger network of social service providers.   More »